Do You Know??

Do You Know??

Important licensing information

It is illegal to do electrical work in Queensland without a licence.

Section 55 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002(PDF, 825 KB) (ES Act) states that only very limited unlicensed tasks are allowed, such as:

  • authorised testing of electrical equipment
  • installing or repairing telecommunication cables
  • electrical work while performing the profession of an electrical engineer
  • learning electrical work as an apprentice or trainee.

Section 18 of the ES Act provides more examples that are not classified as electrical work.

Section 56 of the ES Act states that businesses carrying out electrical work for others must have an electrical contractor licence.

For the public

Only an electrical contractor can do electrical work in your home. It is unlawful to do this work without a licence.

For safety reasons your electrician will need to turn power OFF. Working with a power supply still live is generally not allowed in Queensland.

The law says all homes built since 1992 must have safety switches installed on power circuits.
























































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